Tournaments & Results

Swiss PGA Tournaments

24-25 APR Swiss PGA Team Championship
04-06 MAY VP Bank Ladies Open/LETAS
21 MAY Pro-Am Birdie Golf Management
22-23 MAY ASGI Swiss PGA Tour

Recent Results

24-25 APR Swiss PGA Team Championship
23 APR Pro-Am Swiss PGA Team Championship
17-18 OCT ASGI Swiss PGA Tour Final
26-27 SEP ASGI Swiss PGA Tour

Swiss PGA Players on Tour

26-28 APR Pro Golf Tour: Haugschlag NÖ Open 2017: Iten, Galliano, Gurini, Amacher, Albertini, Dobias
04-06 MAY Alps Tour: Alps de Las Castillas: Bossert, Dobias

Order of Merit Top 5

„The older you get, the stronger the wind gets; and it's always in your face.“

Jack Nicklaus

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