Our motto - "Growing the Game"

A cornerstone for successful coaching is the three year education undertaken by every PGA professional, which is finished with the successful completion of the comprehensive final examinations.

In order for coaching to remain successful knowledge must be continually broadened and matched to the demands of the golf market.

The Swiss PGA offers a wide range of possibilities of further education including courses from the ministry of sport (official diploma), from Swiss Golf (masterclasses) and through further education days organised by the Swiss PGA.

In addition the association recruits the help from many of the worlds leading experts in golf to pass on their experiences and knowledge to our members – helping them to then further improve the coaching of their clients.

Further Education

Find below the events of the further education program:

Education apprentices

Asgi Tour

Swiss PGA apprentices

Within the framework of the three year education program, the students complete EELs modules (European Education Level System Summary) as well as J+S (National High School for Sport in Magglingen) and the Swiss PGA specific modules.

Whoever wishes to begin the Swiss PGA education must fulfill the following criteria before starting the program:

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Maximum Handicap of 4.4 for Men and 6.4 for Women
  • Successful completion of the ‚Playing Ability Test‘ - 2020 Swiss PGA PAT Regulations
  • English language niveau: First Certificate
  • Swiss Nationality or Residence Permit B or C
  • Confirmed contract with a Golf Club
  • Completed appreticeship or High School Diploma

Course Fees CHF 10'000.- (for three years). Every additional year – CHF 1'500.-

Membership Fee CHF 330.- for the 1st year, CHF 440,- for the 2nd and 3rd year

The dates of the apprentice courses will be regularly updated.

Title Date Registration
2021_Apprentice Championship for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year apprentices (Waldkirch) 10. Oct -12. Oct 2021 24. Sep 2021
2021_Autumn Week for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year apprentices (Holzhäusern) 20. Oct -21. Oct 2021 06. Oct 2021
2021_EELS Industry (Holzhäusern) 22. Oct -23. Oct 2021 08. Oct 2021
2021_Final Exams for 3rd year apprentices (Holzhäusern) 24. Oct 08. Oct 2021
2021_J+S Leiterkurs (Tenero) 25. Oct -29. Oct 2021 27. Sep 2021
2021_Swiss Golf Rules Course for 1st and 2nd year apprentices (Wylihof) 30. Oct 15. Oct 2021
2021_Module Improve Body Movement with new Technology for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year apprentices (Unterenstringen) 11. Nov -12. Nov 2021 28. Oct 2021
2021_Module Club fitting & repair with exam 1st & 2nd year (Thunersee) 15. Nov -17. Nov 2021 01. Nov 2021
2021_J+S Modul "Golf Fitness" for 2nd & 3rd year apprentices (BASPO Magglingen) 20. Nov -21. Nov 2021 22. Oct 2021

Youth + Sport

The education system for apprentices, teaching professionals, junior coaches and J+S leaders in Switzerland is modular. The smooth team work between the associations and the ministry for sport ensures a high quality education and further education for the members of the PGA. Golf is an official element of the Jugend + Sport program of BASPO since 2010.

The modules J+S basic education, J+S further education 1 and further education 2 (coaching juniors) are mandatory for all apprentices. During the three year education the apprentice will complete around 20 days of J+S courses.

This provides the basis and the opportunity for a career as a trainier. Those who specialise can complete the Swiss Golf Trainier A and a professional career training education through J+S.


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Sport Teachers Association

On 29th of August 2013 the teaching professional education, together with the national trade certificate, made an important step forward. The Sport Teachers Association was found from the IG Sports Teachers, including the Swis PGA as one of its members. This association delivers the education of the SBFI (State Secretariet for Education, Research and Innovation) and in doing so receives the state recognition of the vocation. In the meantime 15 Swiss sports associations and career sport organisations came together to form the trusteeship ‚sportartenlehrer.ch‘.

A new committee was voted in at the founding meeting, at which our president Bruno Griss and examination commission member Markus Rath were present. Markus Rath will now represent the Swiss PGA on this committee.


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