Swiss PGA Regional Learning Series

Creating Win-Win Situations for Clubs and Professionals

The Swiss PGA is keen to build closer relationships between its members and help ensure expertise is shared with professionals collaborating to help each other. Developing this culture will benefit not only Swiss PGA Professionals but the golfers they interact with.

The first two Swiss PGA Regional Learning Series have taken place with professionals giving positive feedback to the new concept. The new format allows professionals to discuss their own issues and challenges, working together as a group to understand and reflect on possible alternative solutions and actions.

In Lausanne, the general topic of discussion was creating win-win situations for clubs and professionals. In summary the important discussion points were:

  • Pros need to get involved and be around the club for example stay after for drink at the club house and chat with members. We are into a "people business" and it is important to remember that.
  • The heart of a club are the members. The pros should ensure marketing and messages are about the members and the benefits the gain by engaging in coaching, such as better golf, happiness and success. The importance of clubs and pros to also utilise marketing that talks to non-golfers and highlights an inclusive and welcoming feel.
  • Professionals are necessary to develop the playing skills of new golfers to allow them to become members. Clubs and professionals need to sit together and discuss schemes that reward the coaching teams should these golfers become active club members.
  • Golf clubs must have defined strategies to introduce new golfers and this should eba team effort of the club and its pros.
  • Group coaching facilitates the social needs that people have when playing golf. Clubs are having success with group lessons bringing people together. This can be beneficial income source to the coaches.
  • The financial security working as an independent coaches instead of being integrated in the clubs pay structure is a cause of concern for professionals. Most other staff have a regular wage and professionals whilst professionals are paid only for lessons and often have to pay a fee to work. Club Professionals have skills that can help golf clubs succeed and clubs have the opportunity to utilise this knowledge for their own success. Meetings and mandates can be an option for clubs and professionals to work more closely for the benefit of both parties.
Win win win

Creating Win-Win-Situations for Golf Professionals and Clubs

Benefits of Group Coaching & Best Practise of a Club Professional

In Engelberg, the hot topic was the benefits of Group Coaching. The discussion is summarised here:

  • Group coaching provides a cost effective alternative to private lessons
  • It fulfils the social needs that people desire when joining a club allowing them to connect, participate and share experiences with similar golfers, meeting new friends. This can fuel more rounds played.
  • Value can be added to the experience of group coaching with coffee and croissants and whatsapp groups for example.
  • The pro needs to make time and be present at the end of a session rather than running off to the next session
  • Winter groups are a win-win for the coach (income in low season) and golfers who are looking for something to do
  • Group coaching can provide the basis of groups for trips or add on experiences such as rounds with the pro

We look forward to hearing more about the actions that were taken as a result of the days and hope that PGA members continue to work together for the benefit of all involved.

The next regional learning series is planned on Monday, 11th November 2019, 09:00 – 12:00

Hosted by Paul Wesselingh at Golfclub Gams-Werdenberg. The proposed theme is Best Practice as a Club Professional – business and learning applications increasing your value to the club - but participants are welcome to suggest topics that are of interest to them. We hope to see you there.

Should you wish to host a Learning Series in 2020 please contact the education team. We are keen to grow this initiative.