OnCore Golf

OnCore Golf - Official Swiss PGA Ball Supplier

The US-based cutting edge ball technology company OnCore Golf is partnering up with Swiss PGA to become its Official Ball Supplier.

OnCore's mission is to grow the game of golf making it more fun for golfers of all skill levels by offering the most innovative high performance golf balls on the market.

Founded by two young entrepreneurs—Bret Blakely & Steve Coulton, from Buffalo, New York—and now fuelled by a team of world-class innovators, OnCore Golf entered the golf ball industry through development of the first-ever USGA-conforming hollow core ball.

The company has since developed a growing suite of differentiating products distributed worldwide that includes the perimeter weighted Golf Digest Award winning tour ball, the ELIXRTM, the five star-rated AVANT with SoftCell technology to increase feel, durability and distance, as well as the extremely accurate, hollow metal core CALIBER golf ball.

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OnCore GENiUS - Introducing the "Ball with a Brain"


OnCore is taking innovation to the next level with the introduction of the GENiUS Ball. Leveraging its patented, innovative hollow core technologies, OnCore will soon be introducing a golf ball with embedded electronics and advanced measurement technologies to capture a wide array of golf ball performance data and share it with a mobile device in real-time, while saving it to a personalized cloud portal for further study and training at home.

After each stroke, the GENiUS Ball will transmit data to your mobile device showing your location on the course, ball velocity, spin rate and spin axis, carry distance and roll, and even the distance from the green.

Players will see the information using a variety of formats and have the ability to share it to your social media accounts as well.