Ground reaction forces and their application in golf coaching

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The first 2018 Swiss PGA Further Education Day took place at Golfpark Oberkirch.

Gregory Lebrat (SPGA member, founder and CEO of S2M) and Jean Paul Fernandez (S2M Director of Education) provided an in-depth view of ground reaction forces and their application in golf coaching.

Gregory Lebrat and his Basel based company Smart2Move is specializing in human motion analysis in the golf industry. The company has developed and reinvented dual force plates technology in the golf industry to enhance sport performance. Their strength is coming from a heterogeneous experienced team specialized in various fields such as Fundamental Research, Sport Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Coaching, teaching and performing.

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The 2018 Education Season kicked off in Oberkirch with over 20 PGA Professionals understanding one of the most important areas of golf, how to hit the ball further. In any hitting sport, the ability to use the ground correctly, to create force is one of the most important factors in creating force.

It has become one of the hottest topics in golf, as it has only been possible to measure these unseen forces in the past few years. Optimising a pattern according to the players own body, is one of the key ways to improve club head speed and increase distance. Original theories linkes to weight transfer, but with the evolution of technology, it is now being proven that how you pressure the ground is in fact the key to creating power. The Swiss PGA was happy to welcome one of it’s own members Gregory Lebrat, who has moved from a career in Full time Coaching to head up one of the fastest growing companies in this field. Gregory, Co-Founder and CEO of Smart2Move AG was partnered together with his CTO Jean Paul Fernandez, a respected Biomechanist from France. The two explored patterns seen in many different players and the key factors they have been seeing during their research and how they correlate to performance. The presentations also covered key biomechanics principles to ensure the Coaches are up to speed with Newton’s Law and other key theories. The afternoon session moved from theory to application, where coaches explored how to identify patterns and most importantly to the player, how to change the pattern to become more effective. Once again the feedback was great and it is fantastic to see how one of our own coaches has moved beyond the driving range to go into a path of deep research to further the industry as a whole. For amateurs wishing to improve the ball and club head speed be sure to seek our a Swiss PGA Professional who has the technology to measure pressure and we are sure your clubbed and ball speeds will be rising very quickly. Have a look at our Swiss PGA Pro search.

For coaches, our FED2 day is planned for May 14, when our new club fitting partner Truespec will be exploring the performance of the golf club and how this can be optimised for every golfer.

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