Alfa Romeo

Premium Partner and Official Car Partner of the Swiss PGA

Alfa Romeo is the epitome of automotive history and passion! Since its founding in 1910, the Alfa Romeo brand has been an automotive passion. Their legendary motor sport successes as well as the best craftsmanship and outstanding design from Italy contributed to this. The unique combination of stylistic straightforwardness, successful proportions and a strong, dynamic personality has created automobiles that could not have been created anywhere else by anyone else. This design approach became the model for Italian style throughout the world: while others only build automobiles, they are created by Alfa Romeo.

Elegance, exclusivity and incomparable performance are the DNA of Alfa Romeo. But the last chapter of this legend is unwritten: The future belongs to those who have a great history.

Around 380 Swiss PGA members benefit from the commitment of the leading car brand. With the sponsorship commitment, Alfa Romeo supports the Swiss PGA in the promotion and further development of golf in Switzerland.


Lifestyle and Emotions

Anyone sitting behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo will always experience the same, incomparable feeling: man and machine merge and complement each other perfectly. The cockpit design is completely geared to the driver, to ensure uncompromising driving pleasure. State-of-the-art technology is seamlessly embedded in the dashboard, ergonomic controls provide full control: clear, intuitive, and with no unnecessary details that could distract the driver from a unique driving experience.

Golf and the automotive world is a close love affair - style and passion for sport! The engagement in Switzerland is based on Alfa Romeo's pan-European sponsorship strategy in golf.

Sebastien Perrais, CEO of FCA Switzerland SA confirms: "With our sponsorship commitment and the launch of our Alfa Romeo Golf Trophy, we want to promote and support golf in Switzerland. Our brand stands for lifestyle and emotions and therefore fits perfectly with the game of golf. The Swiss PGA shares our core values ​​and is thus an ideal partner for our commitment. »

Alfa Romeo Swiss PGA Matchplay Championship

The Italian brand Alfa Romeo, part of FCA Switzerland SA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), is also the title sponsor of the Swiss PGA Matchplay Championship. At the Alfa Romeo Swiss PGA Matchplay Championship, Switzerland's best-classified professional tour players compete. The matchplay game form offers an exciting golfing experience. Two players each play in direct comparison hole by hole against each other. The championship titles are selected by eighth, quarter, half and final.