Swiss PGA Calendar 2020

The Swiss PGA is starting into the next 75 years. We can look back with pride on what we have been able to implement successfully in recent years. Not only our members, but also the joint cooperation with all bodies and associations responsible in the sport of golf have made a significant contribution.

The challenges of the future lie ahead of us and they are constantly changing - as are our society and its values. It is our task as an association to ensure that we are equipped for the multitude of tasks that lie ahead and to further strengthen our position in Swiss golf.

We are currently strongly affected by the current effects of the coronavirus. The Federal Council's stipulation that all recreational facilities be closed down completely will have a clearly noticeable financial impact on all golf clubs and our members. The challenges will remain demanding and persistent. Our efforts to unite and work together will therefore become even more important in the future. A close exchange with the Swiss golf clubs and our partner organizations, the sharing of experience and know-how will strengthen our Swiss PGA Professionals to perform their important tasks within the golf clubs and contribute a decisive role to the growth of golf in Switzerland.

We are particularly pleased that the commitment of three of our members has gained international recognition. Mario Caligari, Stuart Morgan and St├ęphane Barras have been voted among the top 75 international coaches by Golf Digest USA. But also the daily tireless efforts of our members, whether in teaching amateurs or as playing professionals at international tournaments worldwide, deserve attention and respect for their achievements.

Our achievements and successes would not be possible to this extent without the generous support of our partners and partner associations. On behalf of the Swiss PGA, I would like to express my sincere thanks for this.

I wish you all success and above all health - may golf continue to inspire you!

Keith Marriott

President Swiss PGA

SPGA Turnierkalender 2020