Golf directors with knowledge and visions

In the autumn of 2016, the Swiss PGA launched its first "Swiss PGA Golf Director" program. This 14-module comprehensive training, which concludes with a diploma, was developed by Dr. Angelo Amonini. He supervises the course (and the students) and also teaches individual modules himself. The third course for the Swiss PGA Golf Director has already started - time for a first conclusion.


Participants of the 1st Program: T. Schurter, E. van Westing, M. Fassold, A. Gossage, S. Mazzetti, P. Della Santa, Dr. A. Amonini (Program Director); missing on the picture is S. Paratte

"It is important for the Swiss golfing scene to have such training and continue to be offered," says Amonini. Until the start of the first course, it had not been possible in Switzerland to train in a specialized training as a golf director or golf manager. Interested parties had to move to neighboring countries. "Due to the fact that the Swiss PGA is involved in education and training and also enjoys international recognition in this area, the offer 'Swiss PGA Golf Director' fits perfectly into the portfolio," says Amonini. Together with former Swiss-PGA President Bruno Griss, the experienced University and University of Applied Sciences lecturer Dr. Angelo Amonini in 2016 developed the program for the new course; a course that does not need to shy away from the comparison with golf manager training in the US, UK or Germany. "We are up to date not only on the content of each module, but also on the mode - instead of exams at the end of the year, we rely on virtual work, transfer projects and a thesis at the end of the course," explains Amonini.

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For the father of the «Swiss PGA Golf Director» program, it is a success: «We have already been able to recruit a great student group for the first time; among them also three Swiss PGA Teaching Pros. That pleases me. I am extremely confident that this course will bring great benefits to Swiss golf in the long term - the more people graduate, the greater will be the chances that Swiss golf clubs will find new managers who will bring a clear vision and strategy to their clubs also have the skills to run a golf club. Everyone will benefit from it. Amonini's optimism: "One graduate of this course has already been able to take over the management of a golf club because of the advanced training. "

Praising words are also given by the graduates. "The course was a well-designed learning experience. Dr. Angelo Amonini has made a selection of highly qualified faculty. I learned a lot and really enjoyed this challenge, "says Andrew Gossage, Swiss PGA Golf Professional and participant of the first course.

Dario Sanchez has just started training as a "Swiss PGA Golf Director". He is already enthusiastic after the first two modules: "In my opinion, this course is flawlessly put together. I particularly appreciate the way the various topics are presented by the lecturers, as well as the active participation of the students. This is a great way to gain valuable and enriching insights in a fun way. In addition, the course offers me the opportunity to meet many golf clubs throughout Switzerland and to meet very interesting people with different profiles, all of whom have a close connection with golf. »

Even from female mouth there's a positive feedback. «I like the variety of topics; The individual modules offer a varied mix and cover all areas of the profession. The course also provides a great deal of knowledge - in a very compact and easy to understand way. Dr. Angelo Amonini has shown a good hand in the selection of lecturers. A highlight for me was the module 'Personal Management & Personal Skill' with Patti Amonini; I was able to apply the findings from these lessons immediately in my current professional environment », says Mirjam Fassold.

Sébastien Paratte, manager of the Golf Club de Sion since 2018, is enthusiastic about the course: "This experience really paid off for me; the competences taught in this training will benefit me throughout my professional career. My special thanks Angelo Amonini and the lecturers. »

"The Swiss PGA Golf Director training brought many new impressions that will be very useful for my future career. My energy is strengthened in finding a more efficient way to find a suitable solution by means of a structural approach », says Sandra Mazzetti.

Since this year, the Swiss PGA has been opening all the lesson modules belonging to the "Swiss PGA Golf Director" program, also for "externals", i.e. Swiss-PGA members as well as interested golf managers who want to continue their education in a special field.


Quotes of the participants

«The Swiss PGA GDK has been a well constructed learning experience with an outstanding highly qualified line up of expert presenters / lecturers brought together by Dr. Angelo Amonini. I have learnt a lot & enjoyed this challenge.»

Andrew Gossage


«I think the Swiss PGA Golf Director program has impeccably been put together. I particularly appreciate the way the different topics are presented by the lecturers and the constant participation of students, which is a great way to acquire highly valuable and enriching learnings, in a very enjoyable way. This program also provides me with a great opportunity to get to know many different golf clubs all across Switzerland and meet very interesting people, with different profiles, but all with a profound connection to the world of golf.»

Dario Sanchez


«Cette expérience fut très enrichissante et va nécessairement m’aider à exceller tout au long de ma carrière. Je tiens à remercier en particulier le Dr Angelo Amonini et chaque spécialiste intervenant tout au long de la formation.»

Sébastien Paratte, Club Manager du Golf Club de Sion