Let's bring golf back to its old significance


An extremely snowy winter is (almost) behind us; while perfect conditions for snow sports prevail in the mountains, the new golf season has already started at lower altitudes. Obviously, after the many white and the cold in January, golfers now long again for lush grass - and probably even more for fairways and greens. The fact that we can swing our clubs in Switzerland in February proves that golf is (almost) a year-round sport in this country as well. That's good, also from a social point of view.

"Golf is one of the best ways to lure children away from the internet, out and into nature. But above all, golf is a great way to teach children important values in our community and culture - it benefits the whole of society", says Swiss PGA President Keith Marriott. He is convinced: "Never before has our sport been so important in Switzerland as it is today."


Keith Marriott, President Swiss PGA

The Swiss PGA President considers the current situation a great opportunity, which should be exploited in 2019. Every single golfer in Switzerland - whether pro or as an amateur - can and should contribute to counteracting the tendencies of stagnation that have started in the recent past and to help golf to grow again. "This year we should be able to get more people excited about golf again. It takes initiative and commitment", says Marriott. "Let's encourage the juniors to bring a friend into training", he says, asking golf-loving amateurs to engage this sport in social activities.

Marriott is aware that the clubs and their social activities in the third millennium have great importance in Swiss golf. And: Clubs are naturally interested in investing in member retention. For the President of the Swiss Golf Professionals, this means actively addressing the role of pros and golf teachers within the clubs. "A pro can add significant value to a golf club, for example, by recognizing and satisfying the wishes of its members", says Marriott. "In 2019, the Swiss PGA will carry out targeted further education courses, which will give the pros the necessary skills to support golf clubs and their members even better." The aim is to make the Swiss PGA members "growth sponsors of golf sports". Because every person who rediscovers the sport of golf and becomes a golfer influences the Swiss golf in a financially positive way. This strengthens not only the entire golf industry, but also very directly the position of Swiss PGA professionals. The Swiss PGA therefore wants to make the work it does in the area of ​​promoting newcomers - juniors, senior citizens, public golfers, private club members etc. - clearer.

2019 is an important year for golf in many ways. Internationally, because new golf rules come into force. In Switzerland, 2019 will most likely be the year in which the structures will be reorganized. Because the sport of golf in Switzerland has two troubled years, combined with a lot of uncertainty behind it. "As President of the Swiss PGA, I am delighted to note that the public golf discussions between the three parties involved have been positive", says Keith Marriott. He looks forward to the delegates' meeting of the Swiss Golfers Association ASG in March, but with a positive basic feeling: "Depending on how it is decided there, we will soon see how golf is growing again in Switzerland and the golf courses and driving range with new ones Golfers fill. In this sense, he wishes all "a great and successful golf season 2019 - share your passion with your friends and develop the golf!"