Swiss PGA Education Program

Basic education creates competence in the golf business

The way to the diploma of the Swiss PGA Professionals is long and exhausting: three years is the training to become a "golf teacher". Those who want to graduate must prove that they have completed their initial training and a high level of play.

Training for the Swiss PGA Professional covers the entire spectrum of golf, practical training as a golf instructor in "teaching" (golf club) is only one of three important areas. Besides the Swiss PGA, the Federal Office of Sports (BASPO/J + S) and Swiss Olympic also contribute their specific knowledge from all areas of the golf business. "Golf clubs are looking for professionals who can not only teach the technique of the golf swing and coach the club teams, but also win customers for the club," says Mantoan.

About one third of the training for the Swiss PGA Professional (20 course days) is dedicated to management topics. These courses are led by business specialists. A total of 65 course days will be held over the three years of training. In addition, there are annual intermediate examinations for the apprentices (picture), which will be taken during the Autum Week.


The Autumn Week - last week at Golfpark Holzhäusern - is the framework for the practical professional examination of the Swiss PGA apprentices. "Swiss PGA pros are not just golf teachers. The training provides solid basic knowledge in all areas of the golf business, "says Andrea Mantoan, President of the Training Commission (pictured below left).

Switzerland as a model for European PGAs

The three-year course program was designed by Dr. Angelo Amonini together with the Swiss PGA Training Commission and enjoys a great international reputation. Every three years, this training structure is closely examined by the PGA of Europe.

"In 2017, we were awarded the gold standard again. Our education is described as exemplary, "says Mantoan. International attention was paid to the smooth cooperation between Swiss PGA and the state institutions BASPO and Swiss Olympic as well as the ASG. Here Switzerland takes on a pioneering role and is a role model for other nations. "The fact that small, four-lingual Switzerland achieves such a high standard of education always causes amazement on the international stage," says Mantoan.