Swiss PGA Championship 2018 - Final Day


Gregori Baumann is the new Swiss PGA Champion 2018. He wins with three underpar rounds (70/66/70) four strokes ahead of T2 Corsin Caviezel, James Johnson and Roberto Francioni.

For the thitd time in a row, the senior title is taken by Franco Li Puma.

The Swiss PGA Championship 2018 was hosted by Golf Limpachtal. On behalf of the Swiss PGA and all participants, we would like to thank for the great support and the excellent course conditions!!

Gregori Baumann / Swiss PGA Champion 2018

Franco Li Puma / Seniors' Swiss PGA Champion 2018

Shakehand Men

Shakehand Seniors

On the thrilling third day of this year's Swiss PGA Championship Gregori Baumann, Roberto Francioni and Marc Dobias played in a direct comparison in the last flight. Until the 11th hole the title fight was balanced. With three consecutive birdies at hole 11-13 Baumann laid the foundation for his victory.

Corsin Caviezel (round of 66), local matador James Johnson (round of 68) and Roberto Francioni finished T2.

In the Senior's championship, the preliminary decision had already fallen in the first two rounds. With rounds of 71 and 74, Franco Li Puma went into the final day with a comfortable lead of 5 strokes. The attacks of Lloyd Freeman and David Thompson came too late. For the third time in a row, therefore, secured Franco Li Puma the title of the seniors.

Swiss PGA Championship - Men

Gregori Baumann (Swiss PGA Champion 2018)

Corsin Caviezel (T2)

James Johnson (T2)

Roberto Francioni (T2)

Marc Dobias (5)

Fredrik Svanberg (6)

Alex Messiqua (7)

Jean-Luc Burnier (8)

Justin Brink (9)

Swiss PGA Seniors Championship 2018

Franco Li Puma (Swiss PGA Seniors Champion 2018)

Llyod Freeman (2)

David Thompson (3)

Boris Lah (4)

Giovanni Volentik (5)

Vivian Ross (6)


Swiss PGA Championship Pizegiving

Swiss PGA Champion's Trophies

Anthony Biasio

Roberto Francioni & Gianluca Patuzzo

Fabienne Gamma

Charles Goux

Bruno Griss / Honory President Swiss PGA

Andrea Gurini

Frédéric Hoffmann

Alain Jeanrenaud

Boris Lah & Adolf von Gunten

Eduoard Amacher & Gianluca Patuzzo

Flavio Schneider

Alain Pfister

Helmuth Schumacher

Lucky Suleiman