Swiss PGA receives prestigious award

PGA Qualified Professional Education Programme

The Swiss PGA is one of only seven PGAs worldwide receiving the highest level of recognition for its education, the so-called "PGA Qualified Professional Education Programme".

A Member Country, providing evidence to The PGAs of Europe that their programme prepares and assesses students against all 71 Learning Outcomes as identified in European Education Level System (EELS) programme, is able to apply for the title of “Qualified Professional Education Programme”.

After a detailed recertification process conducted every three years by PGAs of Europe experts, the Swiss PGA passed all the requirements to gain recertification for its apprentice education program.

At the PGAs of Europe's annual congress in Greece, the Swiss PGA board delegation led by Andrea Mantoan proudly received the prestigious award. The Swiss PGA would like to thank the members of the Training Commission Andrea Mantona (Head), David Chazeau, Niki Baer, Angelo Amonini for their great effort.

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The European Education Level System (EELS)

At the request of the membership and since 1994, The PGAs of Europe have implemented a programme of recognition for the education and training of professionals who wish to carry the title “PGA Professional”.

The standard at first called the ‘Minimum Standard’ and more recently called the ‘European Standard’ has been based on the evaluation of three specific areas; curriculum (breadth and depth), delivery (quality of education materials / seminars by Tutors or Trainers) and methods of assessment (type and robustness).

Starting in 2010, The PGAs of Europe were the technical lead of a two years long project called, ‘The European Occupational Standards for Golf Project’ (GolfStand), supported by the European Commission through the Leonardo da Vinci programme. The project consortium was a combination of 16 national and EU organisations from 10 different Member States involved in the golf, wider sports and education sectors. GolfStand was developed with the main objective to produce a range of indispensable European occupational standards aimed at defining the competences, skills and knowledge needed for those working in the sector as golf professionals. Whereas the GolfStand project identified the occupational descriptors and standards for eight main occupations, the EELS programme has pulled together those standards required by a first day qualified professional/coach and which are deemed as a necessary starting point from which the professional may further develop specialisation in one or more domains. The findings and outcomes of the GolfStand project have been used to inform The European Education Level System.

The European Education Level System (EELS) is built upon the three domains of:

  1. Teaching and Coaching (T&C)
  2. The Game (TG)
  3. The Industry (TI),

uses 25 of the standards identified by GolfStand and replaces the former recognition programme.