Swiss PGA Golf Director Education


The first program for the Swiss PGA Golf Director Education has been successfully launched in fall 2016. In the meantime, the students have reached the end of the 2nd semester. They will now complete the programm with their final thesis. 

The main objective of such study will be to increasing the participants knowledge of the golf environment. The students will conduct a systematic investigation of an existing situation or problem and will provide potential solutions.

Students of the Swiss PGA Golf Director Education presenting in Losone their groupwork during  Module 10 “Effective Marketing”

The education program "Swiss PGA Golf Director" is open to all golf professionals and interested amateurs. The program is also valuable to active golf club managers who want to bring their skills up to date. In a 3-semester course participants acquire the basics for a successful Golf Club management, i.e. in the areas of strategy, leadership, human resources, finance, project management, law and marketing. 

The program is offered in cooperation with the Association Suisse de Golf (ASG) and the Association Swiss Golf Managers (ASGM). 

Different methodological approaches will be applied:

  • seminar classes
  • case studies and practical examples
  • group work
  • software-based tools
  • video analysis
  • virtual learning units

A thesis completes the course. The theme is determined by the participant and based on his own experience in the area of golf and golf club management. 

The second programm of the Swiss PGA Golf Director education has started in Fall 2017.