Swiss PGA Further Education Days 3/4


Nearly 40 Swiss PGA Professionals visited Otelfingen, to attend our latest Further Education days staged in cooperation with our Education partner Migros.

Kevin Weeks may not be a household name in Europe but his reputation as one of the PGA Tours putting gurus has led him to carry out significant research in the world of putting, much of which he shared with our members.

Weeks differs from many putter coaches, in that he has preferences for how the ball must roll and the putter head must work. However the method the student uses is down to their own preferences and feels and he is not afraid to make unconventional adjustments to ensure the putter behaves the way it should. He conducted live lessons in the afternoon and helped amateurs and pros improve their results in differing ways. The importance of the eyes were highlight in how the player perceives the line the putter up with the target and he showed that head and eye positions are individual based on how a players vision.

Day 2 started his short game preferences. Kevin showed a very rigid system, developed from much consultation with the American Short Game Genius Phil Rodgers. The afternoon was spent discussing Kevin’s latest passion, Junior Golf. His family situation has meant he no longer goes out on the PGA Tour and players come to him. With more time in Chicago, Kevin has taken on the junior programme at Cog Hill. A club that boasted only 25 juniors, in the past 4 years this number has jumped to a hundred and are competing successfully in the PGA Junior league. Many of the players look set to go on to college and ply golf and yet only a few years ago, they had never touched a club. His exciting and dynamic practice environment has certainly created a buzz at Cog Hill.

We thank Kevin for taking time out of his busy schedule and coming to visit the Swiss PGA and help grow the game in Switzerland!