Swiss PGA Championship - Day 2


Day 2 of the Swiss PGA Championship uses to be the moving day. However, the leaders showed strong performances with solid under par rounds. 

Raphael De Sousa (Men) still leads by 6 strokes. The highlight of his round was an eagle at the challenging hole 9. After a solid -3 round, Justin Brink and Martin Rominger now take T2, ahead of Luca Galliano and Paul Wesselingh.

Franco Li Puma (Seniors) extended his lead to 9 strokes ahead of Lloyd Freeman. 

Caroline Rominger (Ladies) also extended her lead over Clara Pietri and Eva Baraschi.

Paul Wesselingh and Luca Galliano congratulating Raphael de Sousa for his solid lead

Leader Ladies: Caroline Rominger

Leader Seniors: Franco Li Puma

Impressions from Day 2