BMW Swiss PGA Matchplay Championship 2017


The Ostschweizerischer Golfclub in Niederbüren offered excellent conditions for the participants of this year's BMW Swiss PGA Matchplay Championship. The matchplay games of the best-ranked Swiss golf pros offered two-day exciting golf at the highest level. In a high-class final round, the internationally experienced Tour Player Raphael de Sousa secured the men's titel. Boris Lah dominated in the senior's category while Caroline Rominger won her second Swiss PGA title this year with a convincing victory in the ladies category.

BMW Swiss PGA Champions 2017: Boris Lah, Caroline Rominger and Raphael de Sousa

The BMW Swiss PGA Matchplay Championship took place on 19 and 20 September 2017 in the Ostschweizerischer Golf Club in Niederbüren. The highest ranked players in the annual ASGI Swiss PGA Order of Merit fought for the championship titles in the categories men, seniors and ladies.

The challenging golf course offered excellent conditions in spite of the cold wet autumn weather. The golf club management and the greenkeeping team did an excellent job. "The course presented itself in excellent condition and offered our golf professionals the best prerequisites for exciting matchplay games. The club leaders and the club members welcomed us with great warmth and hospitality, "said Irene Oberländer, General Secretary of the Swiss PGA.

On the first day, the international experienced and favored Tour Players de Sousa, Galliano and Eggenberger demonstrated their experience and advanced to the semin-finals. In an exciting semi-final, the two OMEGA European Masters participants de Sousa and Galliano qualified for the final. Raphael de Sousa secured the victory in a dramatic finish with a birdie putt on the 18th green in an exciting and high-profile direct meeting. The 34-year-old Geneva won his fifth Swiss PGA matchplay championship title.

The defending Seniors Champion was Zurich's Franco Li Puma. In an exciting final, however, Boris Lah defeated Li Puma and took his first Swiss PGA title.

After a convincing performance at the Swiss PGA Championship in Erlen in August, the pressure was on Caroline Rominger to perform under matchplay conditions. In a hard-fought final match against the internationally experienced Clara Pietri, Caroline Rominger finally wins, making her Swiss PGA Championship-Double 2017 perfect.

Raphael de Sousa taking the winning shake from Luca Galliano

Luca Galliano

Raphael de Sousa & Corsin Caviezel

Mathias Eggenberger

Swiss PGA ladies ready to go!

Irene Oberländer & Valeria Martinoli

Franco LiPuma

Boris Lah

Lucky Suleiman

Lloyd Freeman

Tee 1

Raphael de Sousa

Eva Baraschi

Valeria Martinoli

Clara Pietri

Caroline Rominger

Simone Castelanelli

Zeno Felder

James Johnson

Roberto Francioni