ACS-Fitting Day with Swiss PGA Tour Players


Hanspeter Herger/ Swiss PGA

André Bossert, Alain Pfister, Chris Achermann, Alexander Kander (ACS), Paul Wesseling, Stefan Gandl (ACS), Christian Kandner (ACS)

ACS presented its high-quality shaft technology to André Bossert and Paul Wesselingh. The shaft testing day was organized by the Swiss PGA, with great support of our members Chris Achermann and Alain Pfister. Special thanks to Beat Grossmann and his team for letting us using their great facility at GC Unterengstringen.

The two European Senior Tour players received an excellent insight into the ACS shaft technology. The extensive testing with irons and drivers produced excellent results. Both players gave valuable feedback to the ACS engineers. Paul and Bossy were impressed by the consistency the shaft is producing.

For further information regarding ACS's shaft technology and testing/purchasing opportunites please contact Alain Pfister.