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The Swiss Professional Golfers Association (Swiss PGA) is the umbrella organisation for all golf professionals in Switzerland.  This professional association was founded in 1942 under the name «Swiss Golf Instructors Association» and today has more than 270 members.

The main functions of the association are supporting and advising its members, and training up and offering further education to qualified golf instructors, as well as organising tournaments and championships for golf professionals.  The Swiss PGA works together with the Swiss Golfers Association (ASG) in promoting the sport of golf and encouraging the emergence of new talent. 

The board of the Swiss PGA is made up of six members.  The president is Volker Krajewski (from Schinznach Bad golf club), and the executive director is Peter Schwager.

The membership is made up of both «teaching professionals», who earn their living mainly through giving golf lessons, and «playing professionals», who are largely dependent on competitive golf.

Members of the Swiss PGA have contact with almost all golfers in Switzerland.  In their role as golf instructors, coaches, Pro-Shop operators, club managers, sporting icons and commentators, they are active in expanding the attractiveness of the sport in Switzerland.

Swiss PGA
The members of the Swiss PGA attend several Further Education Days- here with the famous US-Pro Mike Malaska at Swiss PGA National Wylihof.